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Mirea CTF 2024 Forensic Writeup

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MireaCTF 2024 - Quals

SNI CTF Team - Forensic 2/2 solves writeup

solved by: k.eii & TunangannyaChizuru

1. Optography

Given chall.vmem (VMWare Memory Dump). From the challname we knew that we must find out what is the last screen of the image memory dump Optography definition: (sometimes its very good to find out the hint given my the chall description) image

So we analyze the memory dump using volatility3. First of all try to scan the pslist/pstree to see what proccess has been runned by the computer. Found out there are mspaint.exe so i dump it using memdump plugins of volatility3. using w00tsec's method, we can view the screen by opening the dumped memory as raw image (rename from .dmp into .data and open it in GIMP) image

2. SOC Analyst

given .pcapng file, we need to analyze it to find the flag. while analyzing, we found out there are a packet that transmit some "sus" strings. image

following the packet we got this base64 lookalike string image

using we found out that the string is base58 encoded so we try to decode it and got a binary from that. image image

download the elf and try to run it (im too lazy to do reverse lol) we got this string: bf}jnl{it8g<}<P>:P:?b<8g>a9P:8}a9<P;m?z8P8g>:P8}ii>lr

turns out it was xored and i found it by using again lol image